Meet where Wurzell's story begins

Although the word Wurzell comes from the German Wurzel with the meaning root, Wurzell was born in Cambridge, UK.

With the idea of a massive community of entrepreneurs and people looking for self-improvement, Wurzell fits everyone.

Remember, Wurzell is home to anyone who aims high in life and wants to succeed. It doesn't matter your race, gender or background.

In the community you will be given support, advice, working with a revolutionary new formula through the "seedbed".

Definitely, if you are passionate, daring, friendly and want to eat the whole world, this is the place for you!

Meet The Team

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Bryan k. Ludena Campoverde

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Hi I am Bryan, I have the idea of creating this community. I want to know your story and also see where what are you capable of. 


Anamar Almeida Monje

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Social media Manager.

Hi I am Anamar, I am in charge of social media, so I invite you to follow us and also share your story throughout our community!