Las plántulas

The seedbed

Seedbed refers to any action we take to grow. Whether it is learning, teaching or sharing progress with community members.
The idea is to motivate others by showing the progress we are making, as well as motivating ourselves by seeing how we are gradually achieving our goals.


Help your colleagues by sharing your knowledge. Whether it's E-commerce, law or even assignment.

Árbol bonsai


It's time to learn what you've always wanted to learn but never found the opportunity. learn by spending only your own time

Temporal de lluvia distante

Get experience

Arbol alto

Wurzell is a good start to gain experience by practising what we know and what we can learn in community.

Get to know the ranks within the community. Each member is associated with one of them depending on their development. Each is important in his or her own way.

Dare to achieve them all.


For people who are just discovering their goals we have the Rookie rank. All of us have started from scratch, this is the rank that tells you that you have taken the first step to achieve your goals.

The rookie can be very varied, maybe he doesn't know his goals yet, or maybe he doesn't know how to start on his way to achieve his goals or maybe he just needs to learn more. 

The Ranks:


The dreamers are the ones who have already set out and know that they can't give up because they know that if they don't try everything they can that is when they will fail. 
Dreamers stand out because they don't stop trying and that makes them inspire the rookies to follow their goals.



Entrepreneurs are people who have already achieved success, whether they have opened a website, held meetings to achieve their goals.
Entrepreneurs are the people from whom you can learn the most by how they work.