to the wurzell comunity

A place fo everyone who is an entrepreneur and wants to be their best version.

Las plántulas

The seedbed

The seedbed is the heart of Wurzell. All community members will have the option to help other members with their own projects.
Using our personal knowledge, we will help community members with the knowledge or skills they lack.

The seedbed is time-managed, because it uses time as its currency.

The ultimate goal is to be able to grow together by taking advantage of each other's knowledge and contributing our own.

The Momentum event

As a community, it is an occasion to meet members and spend time among people with clear and well-defined objectives. The momentum event is held once every month in the UK. The aim is to share good and bad experiences, success stories and self-improvement.
At the end of the event you will not leave without the knowledge that as an individual you can achieve great things and that you belong to a great community. 

Image by Redd
Image by Alexander Shatov

Whatsapp group

You will meet people who want to make a change in the world or in themselves. You can create feedback with members by sharing how you are working on a daily basis. Help others with your knowledge. Grow within the community to achieve your goals.

Share your story

Share the entire process that will lead you to success on the blog.
As a member of the community, you can tell your story, share your goals and objectives until you achieve what you want. 

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