Bosque brumoso

Our Values

have a look at the values we work by. We believe that each of these values is necessary to help every person who wants to be better. Dare to adapt these values to your daily life and share them.

Los compañeros de equipo


Team work

The basis of the whole community is teamwork. The aim is to learn to work as a team in order to be able to excel individually. 
Whatever the problem is, there will always be someone you can help or who can help you.



While we value teamwork, we want you to bring out your potential. Therefore you will be encouraged not only to learn and work, but to grow as a person so that your self-confidence grows.

Niña de Senderismo en las montañas



Take responsibility for your time, your project, your behaviour and eliminate excuses. You manage your time and your project yourself.



We all have a leader inside us, develop it by teaching others, learning from your mistakes and always following your goals to achieve.

Uso de pizarra
Meditación en la naturaleza


personal growth

Grow your project, your knowledge and above all grow yourself. Become the best version of yourself so you can achieve all the goals you have set for yourself.