Find out what our next goals are for the Wurzell community. We are just starting out so we are working hard to achieve everything we set out to do. Each of these goals is focused on improving the community and the services we offer to each member.

Our own office

The idea is to have our own space to work and distract ourselves. We aim to have a specific area to be able to improve in any area of work. In addition to having an area for leisure and relaxation. Everything to make learning and working easier.

Modern Workspace

Work Programs

Above all, Wurzell is a place where we can improve our knowledge and skills. That's why we aim to facilitate the use of programmes and tools to be able to work and gain experience.

Photo processing

Cover any knowledge

Our aim is to be able to help anyone with their goals, so we are looking to help people who can help others. In this way we can create a chain of help between people.

People giving a high five